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We are 100% Australian owned & operated business

About Us

web-designWe started our business in reselling Domain Names, Web Hosting and SSL Certificates to our clients. We have partnered with Australia’s largest Internet giants who have track record of success for their contribution to Australian small and medium businesses by selling domain products under retail and wholesale platforms.

customersOver time, we realised that customers who do not have enough knowledge about web technologies get frustrated to maintain liaison between web designer, graphic designer, content writer and hosting company. Most freelance web designers work on project basis and once the project is over, they are no longer interested in on-going maintenance and even if they are, the charges are very high and unrealistic. Also, creating a website is not everything, it needs to be well maintained, managed and regularly updated to make it successful. Any event of website issues, customers don’t know who to contact, the web designer or the hosting company. In one hand, the designer agency explains that their job is done and the rest is customers responsibility. On the other hand, website maintenance is not Hosting Company’s job anyway. Also, most of the modern websites are CMS based (like WordPress) and some people may find it difficult to use. Unfortunately, most of the designers neither educate the users nor provide support for content update.

managed-website-serviceAt Website Design Hut, we have built our system in such way that our customers can manage their Domain Names, Hosting, SSL Certificates, Email and website – everything in one place. Managed Website customers hardly need to concentrate on their websites as we manage everything at very reasonable cost. Semi-managed service like WordPress Hosting customers can easily manage their website without any stress. Our website design process is so simple and straight forward that your website will be ready within few days.

partnering-with-websitedesignhutIf you are a small or medium business owner want to concentrate more on business – not on your website and want a successful online presence with a well designed search engine friendly website, then Website Design Hut is the right friend to stay with – after all, a friend in need is a friend indeed. And yes, we are 100% Australian owned and operated business.